About RMA.

RMA is Southern California’s only “TRUE” 100% brokerage.

RMA is Southern California’s only “TRUE” 100% brokerage.

We believe you shouldn’t have to pay a fee to get 100% broker commissions.

Since we first opened our doors, our mission has been to empower agents to succeed. From day one we’ve been offering our agents an independent approach to real estate, plus 100% commissions with no hidden commission fees. Why? Because we believe that hard working, self-motivated real estate agents deserve more from a brokerage.

As an agent, you’re working harder than ever to do what you’re good at – helping sellers sell and buyers buy. Being tied to an old-school brokerage can cost you a significant chunk of your commission for services you don’t really need. While brokerages are a necessity, signing with the right one can change everything for the better.

Get to know us. Explore a brokerage that has professional resources you come to expect, such as customizable agent websites, lead generation and marketing tools, our online intranet platform, 24/7 broker support, and much more. All this, and you pay no broker fees. At all.

Discover what our agents already know. Maximize the advantages of connectivity and do business from your mobile office or home, and stop giving away your hard-earned commissions!

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Our Strategic Partners

Our Strategic Partners

Arbor One Escrow

Arbor One Escrow is an independent (DOC licensed) and EAFC bonded Escrow Company, with the highest level of customer service. Transactions include Residential, Commercial, Land, and 1031 exchanges.

Secured Income Group

Secured Income Group (SIG) is one of Southern California’s premiere private lenders. SIG provides rehab loans, construction loans, and equity based loans that normally require little or no documentation.

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